Great news for international buyers!

We’ve just setup a shopping cart that allows us to sell and ship directly to international buyers! Check it out over at our store. 

We made this little teaser for the Turnshoe video and it got a million views on Facebook!

Make your own sandals! Free video!

Thanks to our Scandinavian Turnshoe kickstarter backers we were able to make this video that teaches you to make your own sandals and give it away for free! Please feel free to share it or download it from vimeo.

The Scandinavian Turnshoe video is now streaming!

In this video, shoemaker Jason Hovatter teaches you how to build a pair of Scandinavian turnshoes from the ground up. Beginning with a duct tape casting of the foot, he walks you step by step through his process of non-lasted turnshoe making. Learn to make a pair of truly custom shoes tailored to your unique feet! Over 4 1/2 hours of video, animations, and detailed instructions.