At Village Video our mission is to empower people to build authentic relationships with the world around them. We do this by creating educational videos focused on methods and designs that support earth-centric economic, cultural, and environmental values. We partner with passionate teachers who are dedicated to a hopeful vision for the future, bringing their teaching to a wider audience through artfully crafted media, while supporting the positive impact they bring to the world by sharing all video sales proceeds with them.

Friends & Allies

Laughingcrowe school of non-lasted shoemaking

Jon Young and the 8 Shields Institute; teachers of Bird Language and lots of other great stuff.

Ernie and Erica Wisner; designers of Rocket Mass Heaters.

Paul Wheaton of; perpetuator of permaculture with lots of great info in their forums.

Penny Livingston and James Stark of the Regenerative Design Institute; great permaculture teachers.

Dave and Lauren of Weaving Earth; teachers of nature awareness and permaculture.

Dan Gardoqui of White Pines Programs; teacher of Bird Language and Nature Awareness.

Wilderness Awareness School; teachers of Bird Language and Nature Awareness.

RewildPortland; proponents of rewilding.