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This is a special limited time deal for our kickstarter backers and pre-orderers. For the rest of the year we will only be selling the DVD through you. You share the link with your friends and community, we ship the DVD and send $15 to your paypal account. That’s $15 for each DVD your friends buy.

We are using E-Junkie to manage our affiliate program. Register with them with the link below. They will give you an affiliate link. When someone clicks on your link it will put a cookie in their browser identifying you and if they buy the DVD in the next 6 months you will get paid. We will transfer money into your paypal account within a few days of the purchase.

Give your friends the promo code burn to give them $10 off. 

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They will give you a code like this:

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You can use it to embed in a webpage, blog, etc. If you don’t have a webpage you can just copy the part starting with https and ending with the numbers (in orange above) to post on facebook or send in an email. Like this: (but don’t use this one, use the one you get from the Join our Affiliate Program! link).

Please be respectful. Please don’t spam.

Below are some useful things to share about the DVD.

Our youtube video trailer is here:

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