Village Video is seeking a host / project manager for Potluck Revolution.

Village Video is an equal opportunity employer, and does not discriminate against any employee or job applicant because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability, or age.

Potluck Revolution overview:

Village Video and Jon Young have filmed 64 20 minute videos with eight nature connection organizations on the West coast. These 64 videos tell stories of the 64 cultural elements in the 8 Shields model. See a graph of them here: and watch some samples here:


Potluck Revolution will release one of these videos for free every month (i.e. Greeting Customs, Grieving, Gratitude, etc.) on the website, and social media platforms, and a podcast, and invite viewers to share their stories with their friends, or write a song, poem, tell a story or other expression on social media and share it with appropriate hashtags. 

This project aims to empower people with a context that helps them realize that their personal stories and experiences have cultural power in this world. That we can shape and form the culture that we propagate into the world. That if we all vulnerably share our experiences at the same time, that we have a cumulative impact that transforms our greater culture.

The core functionality is free, but users are asked to consider contributing $9/month and will have access to watch any video in the library at any time if they do. 

Position Summary and Job duties:

The Potluck Revolution host / project manager will:

Create a video introduction establishing context for each video and an end that gives people discussion topics and prompts to talk with others or share their own stories (on their own or with help from Village Video).

Curate social media conversations and propagate user contributions.

Collaborate with Jon Young to share poignant user posts and discussion topics as he will offer in-depth conversations on the topic through another platform. 

Update the website to post the new video each month.

Help launching the project; collaborate with the current team, write press releases, etc. 

Preferred qualifications:

Functional knowledge of social media platforms; facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube. 

Comfortable being on camera.

Basic competency with WordPress.

Basic graphic design skills

Access to a camera and basic filmmaking skills, or within a drivable distance of Portland, Oregon (i.e. Duvall, WA).

Working knowledge of the structures of power, privilege, racism, and cultural appropriation, and the ability to talk about, discuss, and address these issues comfortably in a way that is accessible to a wide audience. 

A working knowledge of the 8 Shields nature connection mentoring model.

8 Shields has a core value of balance in presenters. Considering that Jon Young is a white male and will be in each video, strong preference will be given to non-white indentifying and/or non-male identifying people. 



The operations budget is 40% of the revenue. The host / project manager will receive 100% of the operations budget, up to $3,000 per month plus 30% of the operations budget above $3,000 per month. 70% above $3,000 per month of the operations budget will be allocated to a partner organization to help support the host / project manager with their duties, and leverage their network to bring diverse voices to the conversation, etc. This may be small to start. Example: 100 contributing users would pay out $306/month. 500 contributing members would pay out $1,530/month. 5,000 contributing users would pay out $6,690/month and provide the partner organization $8,610. 


Time commitment:

We are anticipating 10-15 hours a week to start, with flexible timing. This is ideal if you have another part time job, or other gigs, or are pursuing your passions in other ways (highly encouraged). 

If you feel passionate about this role in this project, but feel like it might push your edges in some way, please apply and let us know. We’re quite happy to work with you while you grow into it. 

To apply:

Other’s can often see our gifts better than we can. To nominate someone who you think would be a perfect fit go here:

If you want to know more about me, you can see my answers to the application here